The Electric Bicycle Arrives

IT Arrived!!!!

First Thing to do is get that battery charged up!

Yankinging it out of it's carriage and plugging it in is a breeze, the battery weighs a bit less than I expected, while the steel bike is considerably heavier than expected, it's like an old 70's schwinn. For those not in the know, this Bike comes partially assembled and does require a bit of competence to assemble. Unpacking the bike was a bit disappointing, as it just seemed all the parts were thrown into a box. Infact many of the bike pieces were scratched, I am not a picky man, but this should not happen. Also the fenders were banged up pretty well, I had to manually "adjust" the dents out of them with sheer force. Note to Currie, the manufacturer, GET A BETTER SYSTEM FOR SHIPPING!


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