Electric Bicycle as a Daily commuter

This is my fourth full day of commuting by the LEV 100% of the time, again today was WINDY as heck, and I did a test run on 100% battery power, ie, no peddling at all. I got to my work and the meter was still reading a full battery (about 5 miles to work). On a side note; drive thru's will not let you order from a bicycle for "safety reasons", ya I know, a bunch of BS. So now I'd have to lock up each time I go in, which I am NOT going to do, so I have rerouted to tiny snackshops with windows I can see out of, point your bike into a corner so that someone has to actually back it out to steal it, it'll give you the time to get out there and whack um with a big stick, all in all probably better for me than fast food when I need a food fix. I'm averaging about 14mph on this thing, most will say that's slow, and in long straightaways it does seem so, I am also just under 200lbs with about 10-30lbs of packages on my back, so I am definetly in the upper weight range of this bike recommended specs. On congested city streets I rarely keep the motor on for more than a minute, it's all stop, go, dodge, cuss, dodge, screetch, go, peddle, "F$#@ YOU!", go, stop, "A DOG!". Ahh city life.

Above pics (click for a much larger view) from left to right, top to bottom; The handle bars are 25 inch but with brakes and all the final measurement is 31 inches tip to tip, I have 32 inch doors and it is tight, so if you have 36 inch doors your set. The batteries on/off switch and if you squint you can see my high tech battery lock, a zip tie. The other side of the battery where the charger and motor plug in. This is a spring loaded bolt that holds the battery down so it doesn't fly out when you hit those potholes. The 450 watt standard motor (this is a currie 450w 24v bike). A close up of the mini chain that connects the motor to the rear wheel.


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