Heavy Load Test of the ebike

Took the Mongoose Cruiser out for a helluva run today, I had a huge 50lb load on my back in my duffle.(see picture, it's HUGE!) The bike was struggling, I think it could have made it on it’s own at a slower speed of course, but I helped out a lot just to get over hills and such, the motor did get hot to the touch but nothing major like a laptop battery. I probably shouldn’t give it this much weight often. Battery gauge finally went down past the top green light, ohh I never mentioned the battery gauge, it is 3 LED lights, the top two being green (good or full charge) and the bottom being amber (GET TO AN OUTLET SOON!). I guess the nice thing is that even if the battery dies you can revert to the old pedals and huff and puff the 90lb bike home. Recharge times seem to be at the stated 6-8 hours, I also hear there’s a 2 amp charger that drops that in half.


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