In the Beginning - A Review of The Currie Mongoose Cruiser LEV

At the beginning of the month I decided to go green, not 100% green, but I'm cutting back on some of my oil consumption, mostly because of expense, partly because of politics.

So I scowered the interweb and found all sorts of electric vehicles for way too much money. I then began to narrow in on some specifics, you see, I live in Chicago, a pretty congested tightly packed place. I rarely need to go further than 10 miles one way. So I looked more, and found ebike's, electric bicycles or LEV's (light electric vehicles). Sure they are limited in many ways, but those ways sort of enhance the draw for me. Electric bikes in general (and by law) don't go over 20mph, officially making them bicycles. Why is this important? NO registration, NO insurance, NO Tags, NO City sticker. Yes you don't have a constant out of pocket expense with an ebike. Many other LEV's look like scooters, but here, in Chicago, If I were to drive something that looks like a scooter (or moped) I would constantly be pulled overby the 5-o (police for you youngins :)) and questioned as to why I had no license plates. That would get annoying fast, so I again narrowed down to an LEV that looked more like a standard bicycle. What I arrived at wasn't some fancy thousand dollar mountain bike, it was a $300 (from target) electric powered bicycle that so far seems to be well worth the effort I have put into researching these fine electric vehicles, I can't imagine what may come out in a few years!

This blog will have continual posts as to My going electric life.......
Here is a cut and paste of the description and specs from thesuperkids.com

2006 Mongoose Electric Cruiser bike in stock!! All new for 2006! You can get either a Long Range 36 Volt or the Standard 24 Volt system. The Long Range 36v Cruiser comes in deep red, and the 24 Volt Mongoose Crusier comes in a Blue. This is the Long Range Electric Cruiser Bike you have been waiting for. Perfect for beaches, parks, recreation and long commutes.

The Mongoose Cruiser is powered by either a 24v or 36V - 450 Watt Motor. It sits on 26" wheels and comes with a sweet oldschool Springer suspension fork.

This Mongoose Electric Bicycle by Currie is quiet, efficient, non-plluting form of transportation is designed for smooth riding comfort.

• New comfort style design for use on streets, bike paths and improved trails
• Smooth riding front Springer suspension fork and seatpost
• Average 18-25 mile range with nominal pedaling
• Fully recharges in 3-4 hours with standard charger
• Maximum speed 18+ mph

  • Propulsion System: Patented Electro Drive all-weather direct chain drive with built-in bolt-on mounting plate, motor and speed specific gearing
  • Motor: Exclusive 450 Watt Rare Earth Magnet Brush Motor 24-36 volt brush motor with external electronic controller that includes low voltage battery protection, motor overheat protection, peak amperage protection, stall protection, maximum speed protection, brake inhibit and pedal torque enabler.
  • Throttle: Handlebar mounted on-demand variable twist throttle
  • Power Source: Dual 12-volt sealed recyclable lead acid batteries in a lock-on frame mounted battery pack

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