The Mongoose Cruiser Electric Bike Trial run

IT RAINED yesterday, so I had to stick with the old gas guzzler, but today I get to do my first trial run as a commuter vehicle in the urban sprawl I call Chicago, I live and work about 5 miles apart, which for most would be a breeze, but here, the traffic congestion is horrid and sidestreets are slow. Basically I plan on using this bike to get to work on light days (I run a small internet biz called Tikizone ), light days are days when I have only a few online orders and I can drop them off at the post office on my way home using the ebike and a backpack.

OK so just finished the trial run, I didn't time it exactly so I cannot estimate the speed yet. But did it work? Yes. Did it do it all on it's own? no. I am at home a bit winded, a bit sweaty, I helped it a lot over bridges (the Damen one) and at startups at traffic lights. IT helped me a lot as it was very windy today and I'd be gasping for air as I type. I wish it went a bit faster. I did pass up a few bike people on 100% motor just to be a jerk :). I appreciate the noise the motor makes in this crowded city, but at night I may not as it draws attention from would be harrasment by drunks and bangers. So after all these tests the battery still read full charge, that's a good sign for endurance. The two parts I like most are the boost to your startups from stop signs/lights and on long straight aways you can kick in the motor and take a breather while not losing speed. The part I don't like is this cruiser has no gears, I REALLY miss gears, I could peddle a lot more efficiently with gears. That and the size weight issue, it's a good 8 inches longer and 3 times as heavy as my specialized Mountain bike. The size makes it awkward through double doors and in my tiny elevator.


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