Test Ride

6 hours later.........
HOLY CRAP! this thing actually does go pretty fast, gets you up to speed with no problem, peddling just adds to it's power, YIKES i'm impressed and happy now. The motor makes a bit of noise, which may seem bad, it draws attention to you (good or bad) but it also helps pedestrians know your there. Granted I'd say it's around 15 mph as stated, but lets face it, on a bike that seems fast. (I did a little research and Lance Armstrong averages just over 20 mph).

One other bad design quirk is that in order to remove the battery to carry it over to the charger you need to remove the seat, I thought this wouldn't bother me at first but now it really gets on my nerves, I guess I'll run an extension cord over to the bike so I no longer have to remove the battery for charging


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